Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My 30th Birthday(Part 1) - Our weekend away

Last year, my husband turned 30. He was adamant that he was not having a party and I was not to make a fuss and he wanted the day to pass by quietly. However, as it was a special birthday, I wanted to do something to mark the occasion, so I decided that we would go away for the weekend.

We did some research online and found a gorgeous holiday cottage in Bridlington, Yorkshire, which was only a couple of hours drive away...and it came with it's own hot tub - bonus. We were there for three nights an absolutely loved it. So much so that when we came to look for somewhere to go for my 30th, nowhere else really compared. We knew we wanted to go somewhere with a hot tub again but everywhere else was either too far away, or ridiculously expensive! After chatting it over with Michael, we decided we would go back to Bridlington.

It has been booked from early in the year and I just couldn't wait to be back there. I was over the moon when we arrived and had been given the very same cottage as we stayed in last year - cottage number 6.


On the Friday morning when I was packing, the weather at home was glorious sunshine and really rather warm. I think I got carried away by the nice weather as none of us took our coats, we only took one jumper for Alfie and one jumper for me and Michael didn't even pack anything! As I was packing for me and Alfie, he'd assumed I was packing for him too, so when we got there on Friday night and he asked me what I'd packed for him and was not amused when I told him I'd only packed  a t-shirt and a couple of bits of underwear. He literally only had the clothes he was in and one spare set and swim shorts. Luckily, we were able to see the funny side as we were only there for three nights, so it wasn't the end of the world. He'll be sure to do his own packing next time ;)

The three days we were there were incredibly relaxed. As I'm pregnant, I was happy to let the boys go in the hot tub in the mornings whilst I sat and read my book. On the Saturday we ventured down to the beach, but it was absolutely freezing, and the tide was in, so we had some lunch and had a walk round the fairground and then headed back to the cottage. Alfie surprised me by wanting to go on a ride which went so high. My heart was literally in my mouth the whole time he was up there, but he thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday was the most chilled out day we've had in such a long time. Alfie said he didn't want to go out, preferring to stay at the cottage in the hot tub, which suited me and Michael too. We suggested taking him to an animal farm, but he wasn't bothered, so I didn't want to spend money on us going for the sake of it if he was happy not to go. It's very rare we have nothing to do and no plans of a weekend so I think Alfie was relishing not being rushed about and taken from place to place. It was a lovely quiet day. Later in the afternoon, we popped to Tesco to get something in for tea and stopped off at a little pub on the way back for some cake, which was delicious.

I must also mention that last year when we arrived we saw a peacock near the reception. Now, I'm not a fan of peacock's as they freak me out a bit, despite being rather nice to look at. This year, we didn't actually see any until our last night when we got a few in the garden. I was sat reading and one came strolling round the corner, past the patio window!

For the first time, I saw one with it's feathers fanned out (which totally freaked me out, so I am very glad that this photo was taken from the car)!

Monday saw us head to the beach before we left for home. Although it was chilly, we stayed about an hour and a half. Alfie loved paddling in the sea, collecting shells and watching Daddy skim stones across the water. It was such a lovely morning and made me wish we lived closer to the sea. At times I found myself getting emotional watching the boys playing together as I'm all too aware that this is quite possibly going to be our last weekend away as a three before the baby arrives.

Overall, we had the most wonderful relaxing break and it was just what we needed to start off a week of birthday celebrations.

If you would like more info on where we stayed, you can find details at Bridlington Holiday Cottages

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