Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Our Dating Scan - Baby Number 2

It was Thursday 21 April.

Michael and I had taken the day off work as today was the day that we would have our dating scan. It was at a new health centre in town and my letter said that the appointment could take up to three hours. With this in mind, we decided that we wouldn't take Alfie and he would go to nursery as normal. I was gutted as I'd really wanted to take him but it wasn't realistic to take him if it could be three hours. So, off he went to nursery for the day.

Even though this is my second time, I was so incredibly nervous. Ever since I'd got the letter with my date, I'd had this nervous feeling whenever I thought about it. I don't know why but I felt so anxious in the build up to it. I'd been focusing on this day for so long - it had been something to work towards but now the day was finally here, I couldn't believe just how nervous I was.

I was glad we'd taken the day off as it meant I didn't have to rush around in the morning and I could try to get myself together as my appointment wasn't until 12.00. It was a glorious sunny day and as we made the short journey there, I did feel the excitement start to build on the way there. Michael was the totally opposite of me - he was like a kid at Christmas and seeing him so excited did actually help me get excited too.

Once there, we were called for after only a couple of minutes. We went in the room and there was two midwives and a trainee - I'd given my consent to have the trainee assess me as I think they do an amazing job. I answered a few questions with the first midwife, then it was time to hop on to the bed. I remember nervously glancing at Michael and I could see the excitement etched across his face. I lay down and the first midwife put the gel on my tummy and started to look around. I couldn't see anything at first as the screen was turned away from me, but Michael could see everything. I lay there for a few minutes taking it all in and seeing the excitement in Michael's eyes. He leant across and held my hand and I instantly felt like everything was ok. When it was finally time for me to see, I felt an overwhelming feeling of relief. To see your baby there in front of you and watch the heart beating, seeing it move. It's like something you just can't describe. At the time of the midwife trying to get all the measurements, the baby was actually doing a headstand, so was upside down. I honestly could've sat there all day just watching him or her and I wished more than anything that Alfie could have been there with us.

 Once the midwife had taken all the measurements and got our scan pictures, it was the turn of the trainee midwife to repeat everything which the other midwife had just done. At that point, I remember being in such awe of the amazing job they are doing and what an incredible job they have. The trainee midwife was great - she seemed to really know what she was doing and had I not been told she was a trainee, then I'd never have known. I didn't want it to be over. I wanted to lay there all day watching this little baby inside me, but the time had come and the scan was over.

We got 2 photo's to take with us and went back outside to wait as I had to see someone else. The wait this time was around 20 mins and by this point, I was really regretting not having brought any snacks as I was really starting to feel unwell and rather sick.

The next appointment was very short and sweet as she only took my sample from me, made a couple of notes in my book and I was sent back to the waiting room again to wait for the next midwife to see me.

Once called, we went down the long corridor, past the room where we'd just seen our baby for the first time and into another room at the back of the building. I was taken in on my own at first as they needed to ask me a few questions about Michael. For those who have been asked those questions you'll know what I mean - of course I wanted this baby with my husband, there wasn't any domestic violence in relationship and I've definitely not been forced into anything. I get why they need to ask them, but I just felt so protective over Michael. He's honestly the most incredible Daddy to Alfie and I know he will be to this one too. He's such a lovely, kind man and the best husband! Once he was brought back into the room, the midwife went through some of the pages in my notes and explained things to me, which was all pretty much the same as last time.

Then we got to the important part - My due date!

By my estimations, I was due on the 01 November, so I was surprised when the midwife brought me forward a few a days to the 28 October!

Leaving there, I felt like I was on cloud 9. It finally felt real - I had finally seen this little baby that I'd been so desperate to look after and protect more than ever in those early weeks. I felt much calmer after I knew everything was ok and as we were finished just after lunch, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch out as we rarely get any time off together in the week.

The day itself couldn't have been better and I'm so over the moon that I get to go through this journey again - sickness, nausea, tiredness and all.

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