Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me and Mine - May 2016


What a month May has been - definitely our busiest month of the year so far as we just had so much planned for my 30th Birthday!!

I have been counting down to this month all year as not only was it my birthday, but we had a whole 10 days off together, which included a weekend away. Despite us having so much family time, we've rarely taken any pictures together. It very much depends on Alfie's mood and how much I can bribe him to have a picture ;)

We went away the weekend before my birthday for 3 days and night and the only family picture we got was one right before Alfie's bedtime one night, whilst he was having supper. I really just wanted to be in the moment whilst we were away and not constantly thinking about the next photo, or having to persuade the boys to have a family picture taken. We had a totally chilled out time and it was much needed relaxation time!

On the way home from our weekend away, we drove past so, so many yellow fields, but Michael could never find anywhere to stop... Until we finally found one with a lay by next to it. He pulled over and we all jumped out, only for me to realise there was nowhere for me to set my mini tripod up and we'd actually have to stand on nettles to be in front of the field. The finished result is such an epic fail - but it made me laugh! I ended up standing on a nettle, so couldn't go back to re-do it as my foot was so sore and Alfie was getting restless! Oops!

I had an absolutely amazing time celebrating my birthday - we went out for afternoon tea and a meal on the day, had a spa day, a family meal with my auntie's and uncle's and a family party at home to end the week. 
So I'm going to share some pictures of my extended family because this crazy bunch are my family and I love them all to bits! 

My fabulous in - law's! 

All the ladies at the party - sister in law and niece, Sister and Mum, Mother in law, my best friend and my cousin

I also went out for a family meal with my side of the family and we had such a fantastic night!

Me, my cousin and my three great Auntie's 

My auntie, my nan, three great aunties and my cousin

With my grandparents 

All my fab family who came to my birthday meal - Three lots of great auntie's and uncles, my grandparents, my auntie and uncle, three cousins and my cousins boyfriend 

With all the auntie's and uncles
With my gorgeous cousins 

This evening, I took some last minute ones of the three of us in the garden and I actually love them! 

Overally, May has been a faboulous month and I have loved being able to spend time with my extended family - I can't remember the last time we were all together, so I will really treasure these photo's. 

June - we are ready for you! 

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