Tuesday, 24 May 2016

8 Weeks Pregnant - Baby Number 2

Due Date: 

01 November 2016


So the sickness has stopped and been replaced with heaving instead although I did have a couple of days at the end of the week where I had no sickness / heaving at all, which was really rather lovely! That said, I've never been so glad for having two toilets! Every morning I get up and go down as quietly as I can and use the down stairs loo as I'm up a good 20 minutes before the boys - I can't imagine it being nice for Michael to wake up to the sound of me being sick every morning. I'm feeling really rough when I get up and getting out of bed is really, really hard! From the moment I open my eyes I'm filled with dread - am I going to be sick? Do I feel sick? Am I going to be ok? I think it's the worry of not knowing if I'm actually going to be sick which makes getting up so much harder!

On saying that, I'm finding now that my sickness is starting to settle down and once I've either been sick / heaved that it's enough to get it out of my system and I'm ok, whereas a few weeks ago the nausea would linger till around mid morning and sometimes even lunch time.

I'm still incredibly tired and I'm so looking forward to Easter as we have no plans and I really need these four days off! Four days to have slow relaxing morning's without setting the alarm. Four days to hopefully enjoy the time off with my boys. Four days where Michael will be there to look after not only Alfie, but me too!

How is baby?

The baby is approximately two centimetres in size and is growing at around 1mm per day. When you think of that, it's pretty crazy. The fingers and toes have started to develop although they are still webbed and will remain this way for some time yet. The embryonic tail is now almost gone and all it's nerves and organs are starting to function.

How I'm feeling?

I feel like I'm starting to manage things better. I've been eating lots of bland foods and I've found I've really missed proper food - I've been craving spaghetti bolognaise  this week, but I've not had the energy to make it and I'm not sure how I'd cope with such a rich meal, so it'll have to wait a few more weeks yet I think. I started the week off feeling really anxious as I was worried about Easter being a write off - the last three weekends I've been fit for nothing and I really didn't want our four days off to be wasted or for me to miss out on anything because I was resting on the couch. Luckily, I got up on Good Friday and felt fine. I had no symptoms at all and I was able to enjoy the day. We went to my granparents and told them the news and it was the perfect Spring day and I was so lovely to sit out in the garden and feel some sun. It's made me desperately crave the warm summer months!

One exciting this which happened this week was on Easter Saturday, I received my letter from the hospital with my scan date which is the 21st April. At last I feel like I've finally something to work towards. I'm being quite silly in that I'm trying to convince myself that once I get to that magical 12 weeks and I've had my scan, that I'll suddenly start to feel better and this sickness and nausea will go and I'll start to feel great! However, I know that just because I've had a scan that I'll suddenly start to feel ok again and back to my old self. With Alfie, the sickness / nausea lasted until around 13 weeks.

Here's hoping it goes sooner rather than later!

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