Tuesday, 3 May 2016

5 Weeks Pregnant - Baby Number 2

Due Date:

01 November 2016

How is baby?

The baby is currently the size of a sesame seed and when I think of that, it's just crazy. It's so incredibly tiny! His / Her heart is developing and this week will split into chambers and the buds which will go on to form it's arms and legs, will start to sprout. Right now, it looks more like a tadpole than a baby!


I had no symptoms all week until the Saturday afternoon when I was sick for the first time and I felt dreadful, to the point where I was curled on the couch in tears cos I felt so rough. I think the sickness was actually caused due to tiredness though because Michael had been on a night out the night before with work, and I couldn't settle until I knew he was home. As I'd only gone to sleep so late (or rather early - the birds were tweeting), I only got up about 11 and I think because I'd not eaten, my blood sugar was really low, which caused the sickness. Once I'd been sick and I'd eaten some toast, I did start to feel better.

I've still been testing every day - it's just such a comfort to me right now and it's the only way I know that I'm pregnant. I don't like that you don't get to see a midwife until much later on and they kind of just take your word for it when you contact them. Testing daily or every couple of days is just my way of feeling in control. We found out so early on and testing gives me reassurance.

How I'm feeling?

I'm feeling really good, apart from the blip on Saturday. I've still got an appetite and no symptoms at all really. I went out for a friends leaving meal this week and I was supposed to be having a drink as I was off the next day, but obviously I couldn't, so I had to lie about that. I think one of my friends may have suspected as he kept winding me up about being pregnant, but I played it down as much as I could. I'm still testing every day and I think it's just for that peace of mind really because other than those two lines on a stick, you don't get any other confirmation from anyone until 12 weeks, which right now seems forever away!

With feeling so rough on Saturday and having a bit of a meltdown, we decided to tell Alfie that I had a baby in my tummy. I don't think he quite understood but we had been talking about it lots anyway to prepare him. Hopefully as I grow, he'll understand it a lot more.

This week, we also had Mother's Day and this is the day we chose to tell our families. I bought Alfie a t-shirt which says 'I can't keep calm, I'm going to be a big brother' which he wore under his jacket. We were going to Michael's parents first and his sister, brother in law and kids were there, so we figured it would be the perfect time to tell them. The plan was for us to give my MIL her cards / presents and then we was going to say that Alfie had something to tell everyone...However, the reality was very different. We arrived and as we walked in, Michael went to put our coats in the kitchen and I sat down, just as Alfie said, to nobody in particular 'Mummy's got a baby in her tummy' I panicked and shouted Michael and my sister in law asked Alfie what he'd said, so he repeated it and Michael and I sat there nervously laughing until the penny dropped with people. I wish I'd have filmed the reactions! We were asked the usual questions of when I'm due, how far am I, have I had any sickness etc. It was nice to be able to tell them and it be out in the open.

Later on at my mum's, Alfie was the complete opposite and didn't say anything until prompted. We'd given Mum her cards and presents and then I asked Alfie if he had anything to tell Nana and he said 'Baby' so I had to ask him where and he said ' in mummy's tummy'. My Mum's reaction was priceless, she was thrilled and jumped up to me straight away and started welling up, then my Dad and sister both come over to give me hugs too and everyone was really excited. I had got Mum a card which said Happy Mothers Day from the Granchildren, which I gave her once she knew and she loved it. I loved telling her that I'd been keeping a secret from them as they all think I can't hold my own water, so it was nice to prove them wrong ;)

It was such a relief to be able to tell our family, but I had loved keeping it a secret for those 10 days for just Michael and I.

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