Monday, 1 February 2016

Six Months Later - No Fear Go Smear

Last May, I attended my routine smear test at my GP surgery. A couple of weeks later, I got sent a letter through the post with the results that every woman dreads - the results had come back abnormal. I had high grade dyskaryosis (mine was grade 3 - the highest grade pre cancer).

I went to the hospital to have a colposcopy which is a detailed examination of the cervix with a microscope where the doctor puts iodine on the cevix with a cotton bud to highlight any abnormal cell changes. These cells are then sent away for testing. Once I'd got my results back, I had to go back to the hospital again for the LLETZ procecure - where a wire loop is inserted to removed the abnormal cells by using an electric current.

I wrote about my full experience here

Once I'd had the LLETZ, I was so relieved to get my results back to say that all the abnormal cells had been removed. It was such a huge relief. At the same time as getting my results, an appointment was made for me to have a follow up smear test, six months after treatment.

Which takes me to two weeks ago. On the 14 January, I went to the hospital for my six month check up, if you will. I'd been feeling anxious in the days leading up to it, which I think is only natural. My mum came with me to the appointment and I was glad to have someone there to wait with me.

The nurse I saw was absolutely lovely, she really put me at ease and had a real warmth about her. In fact, all the doctors and nurses I've seen at Bolton hospital have been absolutely brilliant.

So I got on the bed, legs in stirrups again - oh the glamour - and before I knew it, it was all over and done with again. The nurse talked me through it all and said that everything looks as it should for someone who's had treatment and I should get the results back in a couple of weeks. If everything was ok, then I would be discharged and would be back to having smear tests every three years. If the results came back abnormal again, then I'd have to go back for further treatment.

Last Friday, I received my results - and I'm so pleased to say that everything is ok. There was no more signs of abnormal cells, so I've been completely discharged and I won't need to go back for another three years, which is a huge weight off my mind.

Throughout all this, it's only highlighted even more how important it is to make sure you have regular smear tests. I dread to think what could have happened had I not bothered going to mine last May.

If you are over due, please book one! A few minutes of being uncomfortable, could save your life!

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