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My Boy Lately - A long over due letter!

It’s been so long since I’ve wrote to you, 8 months to be precise. You can read your last letter here. 

In August, we were so busy planning the wedding that I just didn’t get chance to sit down and write then in September, when it was your 2nd birthday, we were on holiday so I was offline for 2 weeks. I did start to write to you in my diary, but I never finished it as we were just having far too much fun on holiday. 

The three of us! 
You totally stole the show! My beautiful boy.

I’m so glad that we took you away with us. It was so special to have you on our honeymoon and to celebrate your 2nd birthday somewhere hot and sunny. We had such a lovely day. You woke up and the 1st thing you spotted were the balloons that I’d blown up for you with the banners and a few little presents. We didn’t take much away with us in terms of gifts for you, but we had bought you a DVD player for the plane, which was part of your present – it was the best thing we could’ve bought as it was invaluable on holiday. Once you’d opened a few presents we got ready and went for breakfast in the main hall. The day itself wasn’t really too much different to every other day on holiday but it was special because my big boy was 2. When we went for our evening meal, I took you a candle and little banner for the table and people were stopping to wish you a Happy Birthday, which I loved although I don’t think Daddy was too keen! We let you stay up and took you to the Children’s disco and at the end everybody sung happy birthday to you with you up on stage, which brought a tear to my eye. I know you won’t remember it, but I will and it was the loveliest day I could have hoped for, for you. 

My Beautiful boy on your 2nd Birthday

On the way to breakfast
with the birthday boy

You would not believe how long it took
me to get a nice pic of him on his birthday!

When we got back off holiday, we had a little family party for you at our house. There was the three of us, Nan and Grandad, Nana and Papa, Auntie Emily, Auntie Paula, Uncle Mark, Jack, Holly, Auntie Lorrie and Amy. It was such a lovely day and I managed to get a family picture of us all, which is something I will really treasure. It was so nice to see you playing with all your new toys. Daddy and I bought you some football nets and you really loved kicking your ball into them and shouting ‘Goal’ . We got you a Peppa pig cake as was your favourite thing to watch in at the time. 

All the family came to celebrate:
From L-R
Uncle Mark, Auntie Paula, Jack, Nan, Grandad
Alfie, Me, Michael, Papa, Nana and Auntie Emily

Your Peppa Pig cake. 

In October, we had big changes. We had loved being with you every day for 3 whole weeks, whilst we were off work for our wedding, but in October, a chance to go full time came up at work, and I took it. I was the hardest decision I’ve made as I really wasn’t ready to leave you and work full time. At the time I was working Sunday – Thursday 8-12 and going full time meant I’d have to work until 5pm every day. The hardest thing of it all, was putting you in nursery and having to sacrifice Sunday’s with you and your Dad, as it would now mean we would only have one day a week together. Nan and Grandad had said they would have you 2 full days during the week and one morning so it meant you would be in nursery Monday afternoon’s and a full day on a Thursday, with Nan and Grandad on Tuesday and Wednesday and me on a Friday. We did your settling in sessions and I did go well. Some days you were better than others, but we did have a few setbacks with time off. 

I absolutely adore this picture
of you from October!
I'd taken you to McDonald's for breakfast before your
first settling in session at nursery

In November, you’d only been going to nursery about 4 weeks and you got really poorly with impetigo and chicken pox at the same time. Your little face was a mess, so we had to keep you off, then once you were over that, you were getting really bad colds right through to December, so you had to have  a few days off here and there which didn’t make it easy settling you in properly at nursery.  I so wanted to be there for you, but I had to let go. I had to remind myself that nursery would be good for you, to learn and develop and to make friends of your own without me and Daddy or Nan and Grandad. Which you soon did and when it came to your 1st parents evening you were doing really well and were advanced for your age.

So poorly with impetigo and chicken
pox, but you are still smiling
26 Months Old! 

At the start of December, we took you to a farm near the lakes to go and see Father Christmas. It was the 1st time we’d taken you to see him and it was magical. We went to a little nativity 1st with a real donkey, then moved into another room where everyone was rushing to see the big guy. You weren’t very keen on him and I don’t think you quite knew what to make of him, but I’m still really glad we took you. The day itself was freezing cold and pouring with rain, but we made the best of it. Christmas this time was great as you really seemed to understand it much more and you knew that Father Christmas was coming with his reindeers, which was so cute. In the weeks before Christmas, whenever we went to Middlebrook, you would always ask to see the big reindeer – it was a huge reindeer with lights, which you loved going to see, along with the big Christmas tree. Even now, when we go you still ask to go to the Reindeer shop, but you know that Father Christmas is at the North Pole ;) We had a really nice quiet family Christmas and I loved being able to spend so much time with you and Daddy. 

Meeting the Big Guy for the 1st time!
Daddy and Alfie 
Mummy and Alfie
Christmas Jumper Alert! 

Christmas Eve pj's

You loved party hats this year!
                                                  A Christmas Day Selfie >

2015 hasn’t been the best year so far for us. There has been things going on which I’ve been distracted  by a lot this year and spent a lot of time angry and upset because of it. I hope that you haven’t picked up on this, but it’s made me treasure moments with you even more, and I really am very grateful to have you and Daddy. 

In January, there was more change. The biggest one was we moved house! It's still very close to our old house, but it's got 3 bedrooms. You took the move in your stride and made us so proud at how well you adapted. We also thought it was the right time to put your from a cot to a bed, so we made the transition. It's been a great decision. Also, I was quite poorly at the start of the month and ended up in hospital (on the day we moved) so I was quite poorly for a couple of weeks - it was nothing serious. Just a viral infection, but it really took it out of me. Also, Daddy got a new job, so we weren’t working together anymore and he was dropping you off at Nan and Grandad’s on the way to work, then your Nan and Grandad would pick me up from work and take us home. January was a difficult month, so it’s not one I want to dwell on.  One of the positives of the month and something I’m really glad I started, is I’ve arranged with Auntie Paula to get a picture of you, Jack and Holly every month this year to put them all together in a photo book for Nan at Christmas. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing, and it has given us a change to all be together at least once a month, although sometimes it’s really hard to get you to play ball as you’re going through a stage of not wanting to pose for pictures, unlike Jack and Holly, who love it :) 

The three of you for your 1st cousins picture in January
                        < At our new house!

First family picture of 2015

February bought  yet more change as I reduced my hours at work from five full days to three full days and two half days, meaning, I would get Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon’s off with you. We had to do this as it was getting a bit hard for Nan and Grandad having you for two full days as Grandad still isn’t in the best of health after his heart attack in 2014. It’s been a great decision as I feel like I get more time with you during the week, which makes up for not being at home on Sunday’s. 

                                I love this picture of you :)                  You'd just learned the thumbs up on this one!! 

March was probably my favourite month of the year so far. We started the month off by going away for Daddy’s 30th birthday. We went to a holiday cottage in Bridlington for a long weekend, and we really did have the best time. The holiday cottage was really gorgeous and it had its own hot tub, which we all loved. We went to the beach for a couple of days and went shopping in the local town. It was so nice to all be together for a few days and to have some much needed quality time together. Your favourite thing was spending time with Daddy in the hot tub and going on the beach and throwing stones in the sea. You were very well behaved for the most part, especially given that you didn’t have your home comforts and many toys with you. The following weekend when it was Daddy’s actual birthday, we had a party at our house and had a really nice time with everyone. It’s so great to see you playing with Jack and Holly as you seem to be building great friendships with them. You are probably closer to Holly as she’s closer to you in age, but Jack is very protective of you and will look out for you. After Daddy’s birthday, we had a quite rest of the month which was much needed
you did NOT want me to take a picture of you.
You were having a tantrum because we told you it
was time to leave the beach! 

My absolute favourite picture of you and Daddy
In the hot tub at our holiday home in

You had the best time at the beach
Even though it was freezing, you
absolutely loved it!

The 3 of us on Daddy's 30th Birthday 

A few pictures from Daddy's 30th birthday

Then we're into April. It’s been a nice month. We’ve had some lovely weather, so have been getting out as much as we can. Easter was at the beginning of  the month, so we did you your 1st Easter egg hunt, which you really enjoyed (although I think I enjoyed planning it more). On Easter Saturday, we spend the afternoon at the park with Nan, Grandad, Auntie Paula, Uncle Mark, Jack and Holly. There was so much going on and you went on your 1st ride with your big cousins sitting either side, keeping tight hold of you. My heart was in my mouth the whole time but you really enjoyed it. We took your little bike too, so you played on that too, which was nice for Paula and Mark to see  as they got it you for your birthday.

I also made you three wear the ears - although Jack and Holly didn't mind, it was only you who put up a fight!

Your 1st go on a fairground ride!
Yes, I really did make us all wear Easter bunny ears and pose on the park.
It took me ALL day to get this picture because you point blank refused
Daddy was really annoyed with me by this point. Oops!

The rest of April has been pretty quiet and uneventful. We had your 2nd parents evening and as expected you are a little superstar! Gina is so pleased with your progress which makes us so proud.

As we head into the summer, I'm so excited for lots or days out and 'picmics' in the park with you. All we need now is some sunshine!

I Love you to the moon and back Alfie George 

Love Mummy xxxxxx


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