Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A very special 3rd birthday.

This year, your birthday really crept up on me. One minute it was the start of Summer and the next, the summer holiday's were over and we were in September! 

We didn't really know what to do for your birthday this year because even though you are at nursery, I don't know any of the other parents or children really, so we couldn't arrange a party with your nursery friends. I am hoping that's something we can do next year as you'll have been in the same class at nursery for a year by then. You did have a little tea party at nursery and we sent a cake in and everyone sung happy birthday to you and you blew your candles out. Gina and Ann were kind enough to take some photo's for me so I could see what you got up too and I loved seeing them and seeing you with your little nursery friends. 

On the Saturday before you birthday, we had a family party at our house. Whilst it wasn't the warmest of days, the sun was shining and it was nice enough for you, Jack and Holly to play out. It was such a lovely day. You were incredibly spoilt. We let you have 2 of your presents on the day of your party as they were for outside. We got you a bouncy castle and Nana got you an activity tent. You, Jack and Holly had a great time playing with them. 

It was lovely having all the family together for lots of food and drink to celebrate you. I made stuck photo's up of you in the kitchen - one for every month you've been here :) 

We got you a paw patrol cake and some paw patrol decorations which I really loved and they went down a treat. 

I didn't get many pictures at this party, because every one was too busy having a good time! 

On the day of your birthday, you woke up very early (6.30) desperate to find out if the birthday fairy had been, but luckily, you were happy to watch the ipad in our bed for a little while. We got up and let you go down at 7.30 and you were greeted with so many presents - if felt like Christmas! 

I don't want to forget what everyone got you, so here is a list of presents you received:

Mummy and Daddy: Construction set, jigsaw clock,some farm animals, a paw patrol book and decorated your new bedroom
Nan and Grandad: Some bath animals and a farm book and they gave us some money for you, which we bought clothes with, including your new winter coat, 
Nanna; Activity tent and some clothes and we got a new light shade for your room with the left over money
Papa: Grandad Pig's boat for the bath
Auntie Emily: Dressing gown and slippers and a digger
Auntie Paula, Uncle Mark, Jack and Holly: a marvel hoody, a nightlight and money (we got you a canvas for your room).
Gemma: A tool box and lots of tools
Anthony: A workman dress up kit (hi vis, goggles, hard hat, tool belt) and a torch with different slides with space pics on (you love to see planet Earth)
Great Nan and Grandad Price: gave you money and we got you some new trainers and clothes
Great Auntie Pat and David: sent you money (they actually sent you money last year too, which got lost in our wedding cards, so you had double this year) we bought you a rescue helicopter
Auntie Audrey: Money - we got you some new welly's
Great Uncle Andrew and Sue: sent you money which we've yet to spend on you.
Cohen: brought you a bar of chocolate to your party!
Yvonne and Alan: a remote control car

Once we were all ready, we decided to take you to the Sea Life Centre at the Trafford Centre. We had toyed with taking you to Chester Zoo, but as it was such a long way and so recent since we last went, we decided to go somewhere new. Typically, you fell asleep before we arrived, which I was glad about as I wanted you to enjoy the sea life centre and not be ratty! Once you'd woken up we went to get our wrist bands and off we went. We had an absolutely fab couple of hours. You loved running round seeing all the different fish. We even went in a tunnel where sharks swam overhead! I didn't really know what to expect but we all had a great time and will definitely go again. 

When we got home, Nan, Grandad, Nanna and Auntie Emily came to see you for an hour or so as they couldn't wait to see the birthday boy :) 

It was such a lovely day and I really treasure getting to spend your birthday with you as I am all too aware that when you start school, I won't be able to have the whole day with you. 

I know you won't remember this day, but you had the best time! 

Singing happy birthday

His paw patrol birthday cake 

With my cousin and his godmother - I love this pic

Opening the first of many presents

Drilling the wall - as you do

And the TV ;) 

Taken after our birthday breakfast 

Spotting all the fish at the sea life centre

Fishy Selfies!

Our little builder

I loved all his cards

He got to choose a special treat from the sea life centre - meet Tommy Turtle 

The only picture I got of us on his birthday - a very grainy iphone snap right before bed! 

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