Sunday, 28 February 2016

{The Ordinary Moments #9} Date Night!

So last night, Michael and I had an actual date night. As I work Sunday's, it's really tricky for us to go out on a Saturday, because who wants to go out on a Saturday night when they're in work at 8am the next day!

We'd had the night planned for a while and my Mum had very kindly offered to have Alfie over night. We were both nervous about Alfie staying at mum's. They look after him often for us but it's been such a long time since he stayed out overnight that we were worried that he wouldn't settle, as there was a few times in the day when he'd said he wanted to sleep at home with us If memory serves me right, then I don't think he's actually stayed out without us since before we got married in 2014. I don't even know why as he stayed out quite a lot in his first year....When we dropped him off at Mum and Dad's at tea time and he seemed to be fine. He started playing straight away and barely looked at us when we were leaving!

We decided to go to our local Bella Italia for our meal and I'm so pleased we did as I have really love it every time I've been. We were actually really early getting there, so it was nice to have a drink at the bar, whilst we waited for our table.

For starters I had the mozzarella sticks (Michael had chicken wings, which I didn't photograph and chicken on the bones makes me feel queasy)! I had the most delicious lasagne and chips for my main, whilst Michael chose a spicy pizza and I finished off the evening with a latte.

It was so lovely being out together in the evening as it's something we don't do nearly enough these days. It was one of those kids of nights where we chatted all night long, we laughed, we talked about our future and our hopes and dreams.

I feel very lucky to have such an amazing husband and I really hope this year will see lots more date nights. We've been guilty of not making enough time for each other recently, but last night really reminded us of what's important. Whilst we both love being parents, we needed last night to remind ourselves that it's also good to be Michael and Nicola, husband and wife, every now and again. 

Here's to many more date nights in 2016!


  1. Aw such a lovely post Nic and you look stunning in that bottom photo. You can't beat a good date night, we have one coming up for my birthday next week. And we love Bella Italia too, they have a really amazing lunch deal on a weekday so myself and Mr E occasionally sneak there when its my work days with him! xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much, I was undecided if I should post it as I never really post pics of myself on my own. Oh yes, I remember your birthday is the week before my hubby's :) I've never been to Bella at lunch time before but think we've got an excuse to try it if they do a good lunch deal ;) xx