Wednesday, 10 February 2016

{The Ordinary Moments #6} Saturday Trips to Town

I'm really late in writing my ordinary moments post for last week but I didn't want to get to next week without writing something.

The truth is, last week was very ordinary and very boring and I didn't have much to write about until I looked back on my camera and my phone...

My very first ordinary moments was about how Michael and I love to go for a coffee at weekend whilst we are in town and Alfie had his nap. It's now been many months since Alfie has napped in the day (sob) but we've still continued with our Saturday tradition of going for a coffee, but we usually need to entertain Alfie (thank goodness for the good old trusty phone and free wifi in Starbucks). When I look at these pictures, I see just how much he's grown up, the baby days are well and truly behind us and he's a proper little boy completely navigating his way around our phones - including unlocking them with the passcode!

As much as I loved having a coffee with Michael whilst Alfie napped, I must admit that I do also love that Alfie now joins in with our little tradition. On a Saturday morning, he'll often ask are we going to Starbucks or Costa (I'm firmly in the Costa camp, whilst the boys prefer Starbucks).

This weekend it was the boys turn for a Starbucks and after we had a little walk around town and let Alfie play on a train which they've got in the local shopping centre. He absolutely loves trains at the moment and was in his element jumping from carriage to carriage then pretending to be the train driver.

Something so simple but kids really do see the best in everything. I love listening to his imagination when he is playing. I really want to remember these normal Saturday's when he would enjoy going to town with Mummy and Daddy because I'm all too aware that there'll come a time where he won't want to be seen with us, let alone going for coffee and cake ;)

Yummy lemon cake and hot chocolate 

Browsing kids youtube
 I love this photo of my boys

Checking out the train

My train mad little love

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