Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me and Mine - January 2016

I am so glad that January is over. What a very long and miserable month it's been. It feels like forever ago that we got paid in December and I can't believe Christmas was over a month ago.

January for us has been very uneventful really. We've stayed close to home at the weekend and the only places we've really been are to my in-laws or town for a bit of shopping. With us only having a Saturday together as a family, they're usually so rushed as we are trying to cram everything in and get the shopping done and by the time we get home on a Saturday evening, I feel so worn out.

This year, I've been determined to try to make the most of our day off together and try to take it slower. For the first three Saturday's of the year, Michael and I have found ourselves child free as Alfie's either stayed at his Nan and Grandad's or my sister in law has had him. He hates coming food shopping, so it's been lovely to be able to do the shopping child free and actually make sure I get everything on the shopping list ;) Plus we might have had a relaxing costa / starbucks too!

I've also started potty training Alfie this month, which has been so difficult. You can read about my struggles here and here. We are getting there with him and he's improved even more this week, but he's still not attempting to use the toilet. I'm trying really hard to be patient with him and let him do it in his own time, whilst gently encouraging him and showing him what a big boy he'll be when he starts using the toilet.

We also had Alfie's first snow day which I was gutted to have missed out on, but at the same time, I'm glad that he got to experience it with his best friend (Daddy). We actually took this month's me and mine photo on the same day that the snow started. I woke up that morning and the sun was streaming through the windows, and I was determined that we were going to get our picture that day as it was the first time in a long time that we'd seen clear blue skies. Three hours after the picture was taken, it began snowing and was really grey and miserable looking! Whilst I'm gutted that we didn't get a photo of the three of us in the snow (I was working on the day it had properly snowed) I'm still glad I managed to get a photo of us outside in the sunshine - even if it was bitter cold!

Michael started a new job on the 4th January, and so far it's been a really great move for him. He's really enjoying it and has settled in well. There's more travel now as he's based in Preston (we live in Bolton) and the head office is in Doncaster, so he's had to go there a couple of times over night which is something he's not had to do before, but I really believe that this could be the making of him.

Last June I was in hospital to have a colposcopy and then the LLETZ procedure as my routine smear test showed I had abnormal cells - which turned out to be the highest grade pre-cancer.  A couple of weeks ago, I went for my six month follow up and I'm so relieved that I got my results back to say I've got the all clear and I've been discharged, meaning that I can go back to having them every three years now. It really hit home how important it is not to miss them. I dread to think what could have happened had I have missed that smear test back in May. Luckily, I'll never have to find out!

Over all, it's been a very relaxed chilled out month and I'm glad we've slowed down a little and stayed at home more rather than rushing around.

I really want to capture more photo's of us outside this year - so far
so good ;)

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