Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hen Doooo

In 5 weeks time I get married and I celebrated my hen do at the weekend. It was organised by my best friend Amy who did an absolutely incredible job with everything. It absolutely exceeded all my expectations! 

I chose where I wanted to go, but the rest, Amy organised. 

We arrived in Manchester around 2pm and checked into our room at the Holiday Inn Express. 

To start, we went to Annie's in Manchester city centre for afternoon tea - I love tea so this had to be factored in somewhere. I also thought it'd be good for us to be in a relatively quiet environment for people to get to know each other. 

Upon arrival, I was presented with a bag fully of goodies, I had a bride to be tiara with veil, bride to be garter (which I wore over my jeans!) a bride to be sash, L plate, rosette, a willy whistle, several willy straws!! a huge flashing ring, a picture for all the hens to kiss which is such a lovely keep sake! The list goes on! I was so pleased that I was dressed up :) 

After Annie's, we went back to the hotel bar for a few drinks and played a game ... everyone had to write a funny / embarrassing story relating to sex / dating and I had to guess who it belonged too...... I am usually such a prude, but it was hilarious and everyone really got into it, even my Mother in law! It was such a great laugh! 

For the evening part, we had a meal at prezzo, which was just gorgeous, the food, the service, the atmosphere... everything was just perfect. After prezzo we moved on to the Birdcage. I had never been before, but heard so many amazing things. As soon as we got in there, I knew it was right up my street! It was a cabaret, with a mix of 80's, 90's 00's music. They'd have music on for half an hour or so, then they'd have a show on which was usually some kind of drag act, but it was amazing! I literally had the best night I could have wished for. I danced all night until my feet were numb with the best people. It was epic. I really cannot thank all the girls, especially Amy enough for making it one hell of a night to remember. 

I was sharing a room with Amy and my cousin Gemma who have actually become friends due to both being bridesmaids and I sat in bed at the end of the night realising how lucky I am to have such awesome people in my life. I'm one lucky, lucky girl and my hen do was beyond perfect from start to finish!  

Opening my bag of goodies
With my beautiful Bestie, Amy
with my fab bridesmaids, my L-R
My cousin Gemma, Best friend Amy
Sister in law Paula and my sister Emily

All of us at Annie's

With my amazing cousins - Anthony and Gemma

Ready for the night do

With My mother and sister in law
With my sister

Group shot in Prezzo
With my bridesmaids in the Birdcage
With my Mum 

Perfect way to end a perfect night

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