Tuesday, 8 July 2014

20 Months Old

My Beautiful boy,

This blog has been somewhat neglected over the last few months as I've been so busy planning our Wedding. I've still been writing you letter, but just not posting them, which I intend to catch up on now... So here is your 20 Month Letter: 

I’m a few days late with your letter this month. So much has happened, I’ve struggled to be able to find time to sit down and write to you.
What a month it’s been. At the start of April, we had our 1st over night stay away in the Lake District and you absolutely loved it. You were in your element exploring your new surroundings and going for a walk on the nature trail. I loved seeing your little face light up when you were pointing to new things or you saw birds etc. It was so lovely.
The following weekend was very different. You became really poorly. We’d been out on the Saturday afternoon and when we got home you started acting out of sorts. I’ve written another post about it, so I won’t go into all the details here, but it was horrible to see you so poorly. It was like you were my baby again and you just wanted your Mama. When we took you to A&E, the doctor told us you had tonsillitis. After he’d given you some medicine you were back to your best in no time. I am so proud of how well you take medicine. You never fuss or spit it out and you are such a good little boy which makes us very happy.
We’ve had a couple of long weekends this month with it being Easter and the May day bank holiday, so it’s been lovely having your Daddy home a bit more than usual. For Easter, we managed to see the whole family. We went to your Nan and Grandad’s in the morning, with Auntie Paula, Uncle Mark and Jack and Holly, then later on we went to Nana and Papa’s for tea, so you were spoiled that day as everybody made a big fuss over you! I really enjoy it when we all get together, especially with the kids because you are becoming firm friends with Jack and Holly. In fact, you’ve started to ask for Jack all the time and will give us our phone so we can find pictures of him for you to look at which is seriously cute.
During this month, we’ve had a couple of incidents with you where you have been naughty in that you have head butted me twice and cut my lip. It’s been really hard because I know it’s just your way of expressing your frustrations as you can’t articulate them. I forget sometimes that you are still so young and you don’t know right from wrong. Thankfully, it’s not happened since and on the whole you’ve been much better behaved.
Your talking has taken off totally now and you are putting sentences together and can pretty much say anything we ask of you. The letters you struggle with most are your l’s and h’s. I’ve been totally amazed by how much you know and have picked up in such a short amount of time though and you really are a little brain box. 
Your favourite thing to watch is still banana’s in pyjama’s and now that you are talking, you will ask us which one to put on for you. For  example, if you want to watch the one about the Ducklings, you will tell us ‘Peck’ as that’s the Mummy Duck. Bernard seems to be your favourite character at the moment though. The thing I’ve noticed more this month is you are starting to say full words more.
Daddy  still takes you to the Chickens after tea every night and when you 1st started talking, it would be chick and pea (for peacock) but now you are saying the words in full no problem. You are leaving your baby days behind more and more all the time and whilst I’m excited for you it is very bittersweet as I miss you being my tiny baby. 
I will sign off for now. 
Love you more than anything


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