Thursday, 14 August 2014

23 Months old

My Gorgeous boy, 

How can it be possible that this is the last letter I'm going to write to you as a one year old? If I thought your first year went fast, it's been nothing compared to your second year. It literally feels like no time at all since I was planning your first birthday party (whilst moving house and starting a new job)!

This summer has been kind to us weather wise. We have had warm weather on and off now since May. For the first time in July, I was able to get your paddling pool out and you've had so much fun in it. It was actually a bit of a god send for me, because I could get on with making tea whilst you splashed in your pool (it wasn't very deep and I was always watching from the window not very far away). You would spend so long sitting there pouring water from one dish to another or splashing about or washing your toys. It was a joy to watch. 

I feel like you have grown up a lot this past month. You are so much more independent and are now using yes and no in context and we can have a full conversation with you and you understand us and you will very often copy things we say. For example, if you are getting a bit too giddy and we tell you to calm down, you will say ' oh careful. Don't fall over' and things like that. You have really learnt what sort of things we say and when. Like going near the oven... if you walk over to it when it is on, you will say 'oh too hot, don't touch, burn'. You are so clever. I still can't get over the fact that you know what a transporter is. You'll point them out when we are in the car. As I said in your 22 month letter, we are still playing the games on the motorway whereby you will point out a truck / van / car and want us to chase it so you can shout 'got ya'. Sometimes when we get in the car, you will literally not stop talking from A to B and it still amazes me just how much you know. I can't even begin to describe how communicative you are. So many people are still telling us how amazed they are with the way they can have a full conversation with you when you aren't even two! 

Eating has been much better this month. You have not been as fussy and it's been a while since you have thrown your food on the floor. I have decided that we do need to cut back on your treats though. In the morning's at your Nan and Grandad's you would usually have porridge, but now you are having coco pops sometimes which I don't mind occasionally but then at home, you are very often going helping yourself to your treat drawer as you can fit your little hand in the gap even when the child lock is on! Cheeky monkey. I said to your Daddy the other day, we really need to cut it back. Last week, you had an absolute meltdown because I wouldn't let you have any chocolate before your tea. I've started offering you fruit instead, which so far seems to be working ok. 

You've also started to take a liking to making and drinking tea. Over the past couple of moths, you've really thrived on helping Mummy and Daddy, be it swapping the washing over, helping with the dishwasher or tidying up. Daddy let you help him make me a cup of tea one day and since then 'make Mummy cup of tea' is one of you favourite things to do...Much to Mummy's delight (and Daddy's dismay).

We bought you some trousers and shoes this month for our Wedding and I have to say you look absolutely gorgeous in them. I have tried them on you twice now and I just can't get over how grown up you seem. A lot of our time is still being consumed with wedding planning so we're trying to make the most of the free time we have. That said, I am wishing the weeks away to the wedding and I can't wait to see you in your suit.

As it was my hen do this month, I went away for the night, and it was the first time I'd left you overnight, without your Daddy being with me. Whilst I was in Manchester, I spoke to you on the phone lots as that's another thing you've picked up this month - holding our phones to your ear and saying 'ayo' to whoever is on the other end. We also facetime whilst I was there and it was so lovely to see your little face get so excited because you could see and speak to me on the phone. As much as missed you, it was nice to have a little night away for such a special occasion and you had a boys night with Daddy and Grandad at Nan and Grandad's which you loved. 

Sleeping is still very much the same. The nights that you are difficult are few and far between although I've got into the habit of letting you fall asleep downstairs again at nap time then carrying you upstairs.  Naughty Mummy. 

I feel like you've become closer to Nana and Papa this month too, which has been lovely for me. You have a very special bond with your Nan and Grandad as they've looked after you since you were 9 months old so you've not been able to see Nana and Papa as much, but they've helped out with looking after you over the Summer as it's the schoool holiday's so your Nan and Grandad have had Jack and Holly too. Papa has taken you on some walks and sent me some great pictures. You still favour the men in the family - when your at Nan and Grandad's you always go to your Grandad 1st and likewise, when your at Nana and Papa's, you always want to play with Papa. You've also formed a much stronger bond with Jack and Holly now too, and it's very clear that you are real friends now and you love being around them and very often talk about them or ask for them or watch video's of them on the iPad.

Speaking of which, you've picked up how to use the iPad just by watching us use it. It's amazing to watch. One day, you were being particularly difficult whilst I was making tea, so I sat you in your chair and put Peppa Pig on the ipad for you and you've been hooked. It's a blessing really as it gives me that bit of time to get tea made whilst you are occupied. You still watch banana's but Peppa pig seems to have overtaken it this month and you've taken a real liking to it, which is nice because it's such easy watching and we'd got to a point where I think we'd seen all the banana's in pyjama's we could!

The month has flown by again. We've not been on as many adventures as I'd have liked an we've not had chance to go on any picnic's with being so busy, but we've had a great month regardless. As so much of this year has been tied up with wedding related things, I'm very much looking forward to coming back off honeymoon in September and planning your birthday party and making a full day about you. You deserve the absolute best my darling boy.

I am so looking forward to the month ahead for many reasons - Mummy and Daddy's wedding, our 1st holiday abroad with you and a 2nd birthday for a very special little boy. 

Thank you for being such a joy for the last month, you have drove me mad at points, but my god you bring me so much happiness and genuine joy. I cannot describe how much I love you. You are literally the centre of my world and I love your very much. 

Love you to the moon and back 



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