Tuesday, 8 July 2014

21 Months Old

Dear Alfie,

I have been a bad Mama and not wrote your 21 Month letter!

The months are whizzing by and with us getting married I'm getting lost in the day. I will try my best to remember as much as I can. 

Your speech has continued to amaze me this month and so many people are saying how great it is for your age. This is lovely to hear as of course, we have nothing to compare you too! You are making us very proud though. 

I've managed to get a couple of video's of you talking this month. The 1st one I got was you saying 'Best Thing Ever' You have also learned how to say your full name too, which I don't think I'll ever get bored of hearing. You are just super cute! 

So many people keep telling us how advanced your talking is but to us, you are just Alfie and we are happy for you to learn at your own rate. I do love being able to have little conversations with you though :) 

It was my birthday in May which was lovely as the weather was the hottest of the year so far. It was very different to all my other birthday's though as we went to Manchester for the day with your Nan and Grandad to watch your Daddy run in the Manchester 10k. It was an amazing day, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere was great and your Daddy did brilliantly in the race. He was so quick that we actually missed him crossing the finishing line! We didn't make proper arrangements, so I was waiting with you and Nan and Grandad by the finish line and we ended up missing Daddy and it took us an hour to find him. I was so proud of him though and you even got to wear his medal :)

At the end of May, we went to London for the weekend and stayed with Uncle Ant. You were an absolute star on the journey there and were so well behaved. We couldn't have wished for better behaviour. Not long after we arrived in London, you fell asleep, which worked out quite well for us. Once you'd woken up we had a walk down the Thames and we saw the London eye. You were in your element being able to run around and pointing out all the different things. You went to bed really well too -  you shared with me and Daddy that night. The following morning though, you woke a 6.30am and it was quite difficult to keep you settled until it was a reasonable time to get up! Once we were all ready, we went out to a little diner and had brunch and afterwards went to the park for an hour before we had to leave. I think this was quite possible your favourite part of the whole trip - you absolutely loved running around the big open field chasing your football with Daddy, Uncle Ant and Jason. It was a joy to watch you be so happy and I know Daddy is secretly over the moon at how well you've taken to kicking a ball. Sometimes, you even shout 'goal' which is super cute.  The train journey back was a bit of a nightmare though, as you woke from your nap just as we boarded the train, meaning we had to entertain you for 3 hours. It was not easy, let me tell you. Daddy did a great job though as it seemed you only wanted him on that journey. I was so glad to get home that night! 

Overall, it's been a good month for us and on the whole you have been such a good boy. We really have to be careful what we say now though as you are picking up so, so much on a daily basis! It still amazes me that you are learning so much from listening to me and Daddy and copying us! 

You are one very special boy Alfie George. I love you with all my heart 

Mummy xxxxxx

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