Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Alfie's first snow day 17 January 2016

A couple of weeks ago, my sister in law very kindly had Alfie for a couple of hours at her house on Saturday afternoon whilst Michael and I did a few bits of shopping. Just as we were leaving town it started to snow! I was so excited! I love snow but I was also excited as Alfie's never experience snow before as he was only a few months old when it last properly snowed.

As we got to my sister in law's, Alfie was stood watching the snow out of the window and it was so cute to see him watching it fall. We wrapped the kids up warm and let them go and play out in it for 20 minutes or so. What is it about kids not feeling the cold?! Alfie and his cousin Holly absolutely loved it! There was only the tiniest dusting, but they didn't mind.

When we got home that night, we closed the blinds and I thought nothing more about the snow as it'd stopped quite a few hours earlier. It wasn't until I logged on to facebook about 10pm and saw my colleague post something about it snowing which made me get up to check - it had really started to come down and it was sticking.

I snapped a quick picture from my front door!

The next morning, I was in work at 8am and I was so gutted that I was going to miss out on Alfie playing in it. When he woke up and I showed him the snow out of his bedroom window, he was thrilled! His little face lit up and he started laughing and giggling. He's got this really cute laugh that he does when he's excited, which I'm really glad I got to see. He was so amazed by it all and asked Michael if they could play out as soon as they got back from dropping me off at work!

Once they'd had breakfast, they were pretty much out all day and built a little snowman in our back garden.

He was so proud of it, bless him.

Whilst I was at work, they went to my in-law's as they do every Sunday, so I asked Michael to send me some photo's of Alfie playing in it and I even got him to take a few video's on my new camera :)

By the time I'd finished work it was too dark and too cold for me to stay out with him even for a little bit, so whilst I'm sad to have missed it, I'm really pleased that Alfie has a brilliant day with his Daddy!

I really hope we get another couple of days for me to enjoy it with him.

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