Monday, 18 January 2016

{The Ordinary Moments #3} My boy and his Penguin

When I was pregnant with Alfie, his Nan bought him the most beautiful teddy bear from next for Easter. It sat in his bedroom waiting for him to arrive for 5 whole months. I was certain it would be 'the chosen one' - the teddy that would be Alfie's comforter, the one he wanted when he was feeling poorly or when he wanted a nap or it was bed time.

Once Alfie was old enough to appreciate his teddies, he wasn't over struck on this said teddy. I felt really sad as I wanted his first teddy to be the one which grew with him. On a whim one day I bought him a large blue bunny, with big floppy ears, thinking that maybe this one would be 'the one' Needless to say I don't think he's even played with it once!

Then along came Penguin. We were doing our weekly shop in Aldi one weekend, when he spotted it and wanted us to buy it for him. I can't even remember how old he was as it seemed so insignificant at the time. It was a special buy and it was £5 and filled like a bean bag. Since then, he's been Alfie's favourite by far. He takes it to bed every night, he wants it when he's under the weather, he's taken it to nursery to help him settle in - which is where Penguin had his very first accident involving a pair of scissors and me having to make a last minute dash to 'Nana's hospital' so he could be stitched sewn back up! (needless to say, he didn't go to nursery with Alfie again). He's been on honeymoon with us and Alfie still asks for him every night before bed and when he wakes in the morning, very often he will come padding in to our room with Penguin in tow. He's also got this very cute trait where he will flap Penguin's wing for comfort.

I love that no matter how big he is getting, he still needs his Penguin and he still looks like such a little boy when he's curled up cuddling him at night.

I know one day that Penguin will be put away when Alfie out grows him so I want to cherish the memories of the way my little boy always wanted his Penguin.
I love this one of him. 

Curled up with him a couple of nights ago

Here is is on honeymoon with us in Kos


  1. This is so cute Nic. And I totally sympathise with this. Mr E was so cute when Mads was born and bought her a rabbit on the day she was born that I didn't realise he had done, he then of course did the same for LL. But neither of them are their favourites. We have Baa Baa who came free with an Easter Egg and Pongo who is a 101 dalmatian who are the chosen ones. So random! Penguin is pretty cute though! x

    1. Ah thanks Katie. I have read your stories about Mr E buying the girls their bunnies and I think it's just the sweetest thing :) I love Baa Baa - he's in so many of your pictures, you must think of him as a 3rd child ;) He really loves Penguin. It's so sweet xx