Monday, 11 May 2015

Two Years 7 Months

Your little laugh is infectious, it's my favourite sound
in the world. I wish I could bottle it up

My beautiful boy,

I have not really been great at keeping up to date with these letters for you, which I’m disappointed with. Life just seems to be moving so fast and we’ve not had a good start to this year, so I’ve not really had the motivation which I’m really sorry for now as you’ve changed and developed so much in just this year alone. 

It does not seem possible that you are thirty two months old. I still remember holding you for that 1st time in the hospital, my life feeling complete. 

You are growing into such a gorgeous little boy. I miss you terribly when I can’t be with you and you make me laugh so much every day. You really are a little chatter box (I wonder where you get that from!!) and you don’t stop talking from morning til night. You are at that age where you are asking so, so many questions and repeating yourself a LOT. Your favourite thing to ask is ‘Why?’ Even if you know the answer you will still ask, and you will want to know everything. When I went to pick you up from nursery last week, Ann, one of the ladies in your class, said ‘he does like to ask why a lot doesn’t he’, which made me laugh J As sweet as it is, it can also be exhausting! You seem older than your years because we can have a full blown conversation with you and you are so articulate for your age and you are very clear, which people do comment on. You play so nicely on your own and your imagination is really starting to shine through. Often when I'm eating my lunch, or making tea, I will often listen to you playing and it never ceases to amaze me just how amazing your imagination is. You pay close attention to the programs you watch, as you will often recreate scenes with your own toys, which is just the sweetest thing.

Recently, we tried to start potty training you. There were a couple of occasions where you did a big wee on the potty, but then you got scared and wouldn’t go back on it for a couple of weeks. When you next went on and did a little wee, you seemed to get scared of it again. I tried a couple of day of putting you in big boy pants and you did have a couple of accidents, which we expected. I think you were embarrassed by this, but I reassured you it’s nothing to worry about as you are still learning. When you’d done a full day at nursery, you’d had pants on all morning with no accidents, but woke up from your nap with a very full nappy, so Gina, your key worker, said she thinks you may have been holding it in and the last thing we wanted it to make you poorly or you end up with water infections or UTI’s, so we decided to stop again and wait another couple of weeks. 

Since we’ve stopped putting you in pants and on the potty, you are more mindful of it now as you will ask can you do a wee in your nappy, so we are going to try again during the next bank holiday weekend in a couple of weeks.  This was also decide because you were getting so distressed when I was putting you on the potty at home. Literally sobbing and begging for a nappy on.  When we 1st started, I knew that you wasn’t quite ready but given how quickly you’ve picked everything up so far, we thought we’d give it a go and if truth be told, I did feel under a bit of pressure as you had already turned 2.5 before we started trying. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in your own time and I’m not going to push you into it. You’ll get there when you’re ready… but if it could be before you’re 3, that would be great ;) 

Your favourite thing to watch at the moment is Paw Patrol. You really love it, so much so we’ve even got you a couple of toys – a cuddly Marshall (actually off your Nan and Grandad for Easter) and we got you a Chase push along  as a treat over Easter for being so good. 

You have become really loving and affectionate – you will come over to us and ask for a cuddle of your own accord. My favourite thing is when you come over and say ‘can I sit on your knee and have a cuddle’ It makes me melt every time! This last month, you have started to get in bed with us again in the morning’s – we’ve had one or two occasions where you have come in really early. Once was about 2am , the other about 5am. Some mornings you will wake up anywhere from 6am onwards and others we have to come and get you up, so sleep is still very hit and miss. You don’t usually go down until about 8.30-8.45, which I think is too late, but Daddy does bedtime routine and he spends so much time playing with you that time just gets away. 

I got you some books over Easter – a peppa pig one and a Spot the dog one, both are about Easter egg hunts and the other week, you sat there and recited the spot the dog book almost word for word. I was so proud of you and managed to capture it on video! You are so clever and the things you remember are unreal. You saw a picture yesterday of you and the big inflatable you played with on holiday, back in August, and you said, oh there’s a picture of me sat on Denzel. I was blown away that you could remember!  

Daddy seems to think we are coming out the other side of the terrible two’s. You have a right little attitude sometime and very often during shopping trips, you will end up on the floor refusing to move or get up until you get your own way. I don’t get embarrassed I just tend to laugh it off! You definitely know your own mind and you know what you will or won’t do. As I’m with you more, I’m not so sure that the terrible two’s are over just yet because you did smack me a couple of times yesterday because I took a knife off you that you got from the kitchen drawer! Daddy has had a few more days with you than normal this month due to me working and he says you’ve been an absolute joy to be with and have been so good, which just makes me so proud. He is definitely still your favourite.

You are 2.5 stone and not overly tall, but not small either. It’s quite hard for me to carry you now for long periods. On Sunday, we are going to Manchester because your Daddy is doing his second 10k run (the Great Manchester run) and we’re going with Nan and Grandad and Nan to cheer him on. Last year, we didn’t see him cross the line but this year I am really hoping we do. I really want to get a picture of the 3 of us with his medal! 

At nursery you are a superstar. Gina says that you are very social, very confident, you will often instigate play and conversations with the other children and you also play well independently. She was really pleased with your progress and really sang your praises which made Daddy and I so proud. 

We are hoping to give you a little baby brother or sister in the not too distant future and I really can’t wait to see how you will be as a big brother. I think you’ll be awesome – I can imagine you being really caring and helpful, but Daddy is worried that you will get jealous of a new baby, so we will just have to wait and see. I’m sure it’ll all work out and I absolutely can’t wait to expand our family! 

Thank you for the best 2.5 years my darling.

Love you always
Mummy xxxxx

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