Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me and Mine (April)

I know we are in May and I am supposed to be posting me and Mine for this month, however, it occurred to me that I never actually wrote a post for April. Ooops!

For the whole month of April, I knew exactly what I wanted our picture to be. Whilst browsing the poundshop for some Easter bits for Alfie, I came across three sets of bunny ears, in pink, lemon and blue. I knew I just had to get them. But getting this picture of us all wearing them wasn't easy! Alfie just would not co-operate! I think he must know I am going to dig these pictures out when he's 18 ;) 

We had a lovely April, it was quite and we didn't really have many plans. We had a lovely long weekend for Easter, and with the exception of me working just one morning, we had a lovely few days off together. 

On Easter Saturday, we spent the day with michael's side of the family at one of our local parks, which had a big fair on. Alfie and his cousins really enjoyed themselves and Alfie even went on his 1st fair ground ride. My heart was in my mouth the whole time as he's not very good at sitting still, but fortunately, he stayed seated the whole time. I think it helped being in between Jack and Holly. They look after him so well :)

Easter Sunday was a bit of a mixed bag. We did an Easter egg hunt for him at home, then went to my in-laws for a bit, where he had another egg hunt, then we had tea at my parents, where he was spoiled with more treats. The weather really held out all weekend which was a bonus. 

I worked the morning of bank holiday Monday. Whilst I was at work, my sister in law brought the kids to ours and they had a morning at the park. Once I'd got back home, we decided to go to Bents Garden Centre. Alfie was asleep when we were there, so we managed to enjoy a drink in peace. The garden centre has recently been renovated, so they've a huge seating area outside, over looking a large waterfall. It's blissful. It was such a warm day, it was so nice to feel the sun on our skin. Once Alfie had woken, we treated him to a new toy from his favourite programme of the moment, Paw Patrol, and had a walk around the garden centre. Alfie loved it and was so well behaved. 

So here we are in April - bunny ears and all  :) 

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