Monday, 11 May 2015

The Great Manchester Run 2015

Yesterday, Sunday 10 May, my amazing husband, Michael completed the Manchester 10k, for the second consecutive year. I was so very proud of him. 

When he told me he was 1st going to enter, I was surprised as he gave me the impression that he found training for last year's a chore, rather than enjoying it. Never the less, I supported him and encouraged him where I could, even buying him some new running trainers for his birthday earlier in the year. 

We arrived in Manchester around 11.15 and walked for about 20 minutes to his designated area (he was in the white wave). He decided to go off on his own to go and do the warm up as he didn't want us hanging around waiting for him to set off. Along with myself and Alfie, there was my Mum and my inlaws all there to support him. 

After we'd left him we walked round for a while until we found somewhere to stop and have a coffee. I must admit, I had been apprehensive in the build up to the day because Alfie is 2.5 and it's very rare that he will settle in his pram for long periods of time and it can be quite a struggle as he is so independent and wants to walk all the time and not hold your hand. I was also worried about how we would keep him entertained.  Last year, he was only 18 months old and he fell to sleep before Michael had finished his run and it was all a bit much for him, whereas this year, he was much more aware that Daddy was running a big race and I think he soaked up the atmosphere. 

We found the same little coffee shop that I'd gone to last year with my in-laws and we went and had a nice leisurely lunch and Alfie indulged in some strawberry cake. By the time we'd finished lunch it was 12.40 and Michael had estimated that he would be finished by 12.50, so the race was on to get to the finish line and see if we could spot him. We planned it much better than last year as he'd arranged for me to get a text when he finished and took his phone with him this year so he could find me. I'd bought him an arm band for his phone because last year, he'd given me his phone and rather stupidly, we didn't arrange where to meet up or anything. He ended up having to borrow someone's phone an hour after he'd finished the race, just to find us, which wasn't the best! 

I rushed on ahead of the others and managed to get a spot right near the barrier. Luckily, my Mum, Alfie and in laws found me. Five minutes after I'd got there, Michael rang me to say he'd finished and he was on his way to the end of the road, where the barrier ends. I was so thrilled to see him walking towards us! He had done it in a time of 49 minutes and 30 seconds, which I think is incredible as training was somewhat scarce! 

The day itself couldn't have gone any better and I'm already excited to go and support him again next year. 

I am so incredibly proud of him and he's also managed to raise almost £200 for the NSPCC! 

Here's our day in pictures. 

I wanted a nice family picture before Michael set off. Alfie had other idea's!

No photo's please!

Getting ready to go...

Enjoying a hot chocolate with marshmallows ...

Followed by strawberry cheesecake

I was so happy to see him - this was just as he crossed the finish line. Alfie and I are on one side
of the barrier and Michael is on the other side. Feeling so proud of my husband.

Daddy and his boy

Giving Daddy his medal

His Daddy is definitely his hero!

Alfie is wearing Michael's medal from last year. 

Photobombed by my mother in law! haha

All of us

me and my lovely mum

The text I got to tell me he had finished.

Official place - not bad from 40,000 runners!


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