Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Ordinary Moments #1 'Coffee Shop Dates'

 A water and a latte, nothing special right? Wrong. This simple, ordinary moment is one of my favourite moments of the week. As a family, we only have one day a week together which is Saturday as I work on Sunday's, and this is tricky for us as we have a lot to fit in during that one day, but one thing we've always made sure of is that once Alfie is asleep, we will head to Costa or Starbucks and grab a drink.

This is something we've done since Alfie was really tiny and it's a moment I really do look forward too all week. Since Michael got a new job in January and we no longer work together, I have found it difficult to have any quality time with him during the week, so going for a coffee at a weekend gives us a chance to talk about our week and make plans for the upcoming week, which recently has included doing our meal planning and to chat about things we wouldn't normally get to talk about at home when there's a toddler to look after or chores to be done.

We are lucky that Alfie still naps for well over an hour during the day and as much as I love him to pieces, sometimes it is difficult to enjoy a meal or a hot drink whilst he is out with us as he hates being restricted so won't go in a high chair, meaning he is free to get down from his seat and run off. So once he goes to sleep, we will add to our nearest coffee shop and take a breather and catch up.

A very simple thing, which has become one of my very favourite ordinary moments of our weekend :)

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  1. Ah this is a lovely little tradition Nic- there's nothing better than having a meal or a drink that's not interrupted by little people. As lovely as they are, eating out just isn't the same when they are awake. It's a great idea to use nap time just to relax and catch up. Xx

  2. I totally agree, I don't even know how it became 'our thing', but we literally plan our Saturday's around Alfie's nap time so we can go and grab a coffee together. I love it :) xx