Monday, 20 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday #5 {20 April}


I’m back with another meal planning Monday.

This week, we needed to go food shopping, as we’ve finally run the freezer down and used all the meat which was in there. 

We did quite well last week and managed to stick to the meal plan. The only meal I didn’t make was the chicken wrapped in bacon, which we are having this week instead.

We have gone a bit overboard on meat shopping this week as we have taken advantages of the offers, so we have 12 chicken breasts, 1 pack of diced chicken, 2 gammon steaks, 16 sausages, 3 turkey breasts, 2 salmon fillets and a burger and 3 packs of bacon!! Luckily it’ll last us a while!!

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Monday – Nandos chicken, rice and veg
Tuesday – turkey steaks, noodles and veg
Wednesday – sausage casserole with mash and veg
Thursday – chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with potatoes/ rice and veg
Friday – sausage (one),  bacon, egg, chips and beans (me)
Mixed grill (sausage, gammon, bacon, chicken and veg) for Michael
Saturday (Treat night) – Slimming world burger in a bowl

The meal which I’ve never made before is the slimming world burger in a bowl. I’ve seen a few different people whom I follow on twitter make it and I’ve always really fancied it, so as I now have the Slimming World fakeaways book I’m going to give it a go.

What are you eating this week?  

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  1. Lovely meal plan for the week. How are you finding the meal planning?
    I really love the Fakeaways book, so handy to know how to cook your own low fat healthy meals without all the grease but keep the authentic taste. Have a good week xx

    1. I'm really enjoying the meal planning, not only has it helped save money, but I like being organised as time isn't on our side for the majority of the week. That said, I did find this week more difficult because I've gone off mince, which we usually have a lot in spag bol, chilli, lasagne, cottage pie etc, so we stocked up on chicken instead but I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea now... So I'll have to see how this week pans out. Michael is training for a 10k so is happy with chicken and veg every night, but it's too boring for me. I need variety. I've not used the fakeaway's book yet, but I'm making the burger in a bowl on Saturday :) Hope you have a good week too hun xx