Monday, 30 March 2015

Meal Planning Monday #2 {30 March}

This weekend was a busy one, on Saturday I went for an early afternoon tea with my Mum and sister and just before lunch time, afterwards, the boys picked me up and we headed to town so I could sort my contact lenses out and get Alfie some much needed new clothes, then on the way home we did the food shopping, as well as going to my Mum and Dad's and my in-law's, so we had a really busy day. 

When we got to town, Alfie had fallen asleep, so I transferred him from the car to his buggy and we headed to starbucks. One of our favourite things to do when he's napping on a Saturday is to go somewhere and have a coffee together. There is nothing I love more on Saturday's than having a chat with my hubby over a hot drink!

Whilst we were there, we sat and did our meal plan for the week. We aren't eating the same thing every night like we usually do and we are trying to mix up our meals a bit. I've set myself a challenge to make something once a week that we've not had before. 

So, this is what's on this week's menu:

Monday: butterfly chicken with rice and veg
Tuesday: Chilli and rice (Michael) bacon, sweet potato and butternut squash stew with side salad (me)
Wednesday: Lasagne, sw chips with side salad
Thursday: Nando's chicken with rice or chips and veg / salad
Friday: Salmon, new potatoes and veg / salad
Saturday: Homemade curry!

There's actually 3 meals on there which I've not made before - the butterfly chicken I made tonight went down a treat and I really enjoyed it. I'm not a lover of rice and tend to stick to mash with chicken, so it made a nice change. I've also never had the bns, sweet potato and bacon stew before, but it always looks so nice when Mrs Shilts makes it (Hi Emma)! and the curry I'm attempting will be a slimming world one (time permitting), which again I've never made before. 

I do think I'll find it really difficult to stick on plan this weekend as Michael is off on Thursday and I'm finishing at lunch, so we're going out for lunch and we're then both off until Tuesday (with the exception of me working for 4 hours in the morning on Monday) and it's the weekends which I find most difficult to stick to meal plans or slimming world meals because when we are off together, I really want to indulge in yummy food. My willpower is shocking from Friday to Sunday! I really need to sort it out! 

Here's hoping for a good week. 

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  1. Aww that sounds like a lovely little impromptu date :) I've been meal planning for a few months yet, but I still haven't stuck to a full week yet! Hope your week goes well, enjoy your time off together over the weekend xx

  2. Hi Alice, thanks for commenting :) I'm only on my 2nd week of meal planning, but I have to say I was really looking forward to doing this weeks meal plan, so I think the planning meals is something I will stick too, but actually cooking them is another story ;) I've already cheated - I didn't have my sweet potato, butternut squash and bacon stew tonight, I opted for a homemade smash pizza instead haha! Hope you have a good week too and a lovely Easter xx

  3. Sounds like a fab meal plan Nic, I'm jealous of the Starbucks! The nearest one to us is in a local hotel and we always forget its there. Thanks for the mention in the post (hello!) we always meal plan on a Sunday and make sure we have stuff in for the week. We used to be so bad at meal planning we would always opt for a takeaway and ended up skint and fat! ha something I'm now trying to unpick! Have a great week honey xx

  4. So sorry I missed this comment Emma. I messed my blog up when I 1st signed up, so I actually joined blogger using a different gmail account instead of my blog one, so I've not got it set up to email me when I get comments :(
    If you're jealous of starbucks, I'd better not mention that we actually have our own starbucks where I work (in house) and it's subsidised ;) To be fair, I'd rather go to costa, but I do love the starbucks hot chocolate's... which is no good for the waist line! Hope you're having a fab week .xxx