Sunday, 22 March 2015

Me and Mine (February)

I'm seriously bad at blogging.

I think about it a lot and I read lots of other people's blogs, but I never seem to get round to writing mine. So much so that I didn't do a blog post for February's Me and Mine!

February seemed to be over in a flash. I honestly don't know where it went! Early in the month, I had a day off as Michael was in hospital for a small procedure.I felt so guilty having the afternoon at home when Alfie was in nursery, but we had paid for him to go and Michael needed to rest.

I tried healthy eating again and started to use Instagram as a food diary, but then knowing we had a weekend away coming up for Michael's 30th and his birthday in March, I fell off the waggon again! I seriously need to get back on it. 

The rest of the month was pretty relaxed with nothing much to report. We seemed to be so busy at weekends doing the boring grown up stuff. It's so hard to fit in quality family time as I work every Sunday, meaning the only day we have as a family is a Saturday, and I find it hard to juggle the food shop, visiting family and friends, housework and still having time to spends a precious few hours together, all in the space of a day! 

This picture of us, was taken just before Alfie went to bed on the 28th so it was very last minute but I actually really like the pictures. He had just learned to do the thumbs up which I think is so cute! 

So that was us in February!

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