Tuesday, 8 April 2014

19 Months Old

To my beautiful boy, 

Another month has flown by and it’s hard to believe we are already in April. Your 1st birthday only seems like yesterday.

This month has seen you grown and learn so much. You are now saying so many words and will do your best to have conversations with us and you’ve become very good at telling us what you want and what you don’t want – such as to go to sleep in your cot!

I’m so proud of you this month. I am every month, but this month really feels like you have become more of a little boy and I love watching you grow and learn. You are really learning so much on a daily basis now. I can’t even list all the words you can say as there are just so many. When we talk to you, you’ll repeat at least one word from every sentence. I’m so excited for you to start putting sentences together. I love hearing your little voice and you’ve learned to say night night, so every night before you have your milk you will give me or Daddy a kiss and tell us night night. It’s just the most lovely thing!

This month has been lovely for you and Daddy and you’ve been his shadow. Always shouting Daddy and wondering where he is and you don’t leave him alone from the minute he comes home. You’ve started to go for a walk every night to the chickens as soon as he has finished his tea. We are quite fortunate in that there is a farm just up the road, so it's not too far for you to walk and it's become your favourite thing to do. So much so, Daddy doesn't get a minute to himself from walking in the door all the way through eating his tea as you constantly go over and grab his hand and tell him 'go go' or 'side' (outside). 

Sleep has been a bit hit and miss again. Last week, you were so tired in the afternoon's that you fell asleep in my arms at every nap time. You usually sleep in your pram, so having you sleeping in my arms was bliss as it rarely happens these days. I held on to you tight and cherished every minute. I keep meaning to start making you nap in your cot, but it's just something we've never got in to the habit of, and I quite like having you downstairs where I can keep an eye on you, but I'm thinking I may need to start trying sooner rather than later. At bedtimes, you have been ok going down after your milk, but we've had a few wake up's in the early hours and have been up to you quite a few times on various nights. I don't know what causes you to wake, be it your teeth, bad dreams? I'm not sure, but it's really hard on Mummy and Daddy. I am soft so if you hold your arms up to me when I come in to settle you back down, I will pick you up and very often you will end up in our bed, whereas your Daddy is very strict with you and won't bring you in to bed with us. You do seem to settle easier for your Daddy though. 

Your Grandad is getting better after his heart attack but he still can't drive and Nan is doing a good job looking after you 4 morning's a week and Holly for 2 afternoon's. To give Nan a bit of a break, for one morning a week for about 3 weeks, you've been to Nana and Papa's and they've looked after you to give Nan and Grandad a break. I've really loved that they've been able to do this and help out because I'm very aware that because your Nan and Grandad look after you while I work, I worry that my Mum and Dad don't get a lot of quality time alone with you. So although the circumstances haven't been the best, I have loved that you've been able to have one on one time with your Nana and Papa too. 

You seem to have developed an obsession for balloons and you go absolutely crazy for them and get ever so excited when we get them out for you. You love them so much that Nana even bought some to keep at their house and every time you go now you head straight to the chair as you know they are behind there. I have never seen a toddler get so much enjoyment from balloons. You will spend ages throwing them all up in the air and catching them and squealing and chasing after them. Nana sent me a video of you doing it at their house, and it's so funny. 

We took you on your 1st trip away last weekend. We went to a place called Shap in the Lake District and you had an absolute ball. You were genuinely excited by everything and you loved going on a walk round the nature trail which was in the grounds of the hotel. It was wonderful to watch you explore and be so excited over being somewhere new. You were an absolute joy whilst we were there - although you did wake up in the middle of the night and didn't go back to sleep for about 2 hours, meaning Mummy and Daddy were very tired the next morning. Apart from that blip though, you were such a good boy and you made my heart burst. 

This month will see your second Easter and I'm already planning to do a little Easter egg hunt for you. I know you won't understand it or what is going on and you will probably be more interested in the 'choc choc' but I do want to make it special for you and get you a little Easter bunny or maybe a duckling. Your favourite show is still bananas in pyjamas and in one episode, there's a duck called Peck so when you see your bath toys you shout Peck, so I think it'd be lovley for you to have a cuddly Peck :)

I love you all the world Alfie George. 

Thank you for being mine. 

All my love, 



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