Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My 30th Birthday (Part 2) The Big Day

The day was finally here. I was so looking forward to my birthday - so many people I know dread turning 30, my husband included, but not me. I couldn't wait.

Don't get my wrong, my 20's were great, in particular from age 24 when I met Michael. But I just think life is only going to get better now that I'm in my 30's. I might be being totally naive but I just have this feeling that the best is yet to come.

The night before my birthday, Michael set all my presents up with some balloons and decorations and got them all ready for the morning, which only added to my excitement. On the day itself, Alfie came into our bed at ridiculous o'clock and I just wasn't ready to start the day. He got in our bed and wished me happy birthday and luckily he did go back to sleep until a more reasonable time. At around 8am, I heard him start chatting to Michael asking could he wake me up and give me my presents. I lay there for a while just listening to them. Alfie was so excited, bless him.

We got up and went downstairs and Alfie couldn't wait to start handing me my presents and cards and helping me open them. I was thoroughly spoiled by my husband and my in-laws (I wasn't seeing my family until after work) and I received some beautiful gifts. It was really lovely having Alfie help me open everything and get involved. Not once did he ask why there was no presents for him.

Shortly after I'd opened everything, Michael made me my favourite breakfast - a bacon and egg sandwich, complete with candle ;)

Before we got ready for the day, my in-law's popped round as Alfie had left his beloved penguin in their car the night before. It was nice to see them, if only for a short while. Once they'd gone I went and got ready for the day as Michael had booked us in for afternoon tea at The Grapes, Croston which I was so excited about. I've only been once before, by oh my days... The best afternoon tea I've ever had - and I've had a lot!

There is a running joke in my family that I'm old before my time as very often I'd much prefer a cup of tea than an alcoholic drink. At least I had an excuse of being pregnant for not drinking ;) Our afternoon was so lovely and Alfie was being cheeky and pretending to drink Daddy's beer!

He's at such a cheeky age now and when he's good, he's the best company. After leaving The Grapes, we had a couple of hours free, before my parents and sister came round after work with more presents.

One of my gifts off Michael was a pandora ring, and my parents got me the matching necklace and earrings set to go with it. It's so beautiful. I must admit, I was blown away with the gift my sister got me. For the last two years, she's bought me a photo album  but this year, she'd made a real effort and made me a huge box of lots of different treats - candles, bath bombs, jewelry, lots of things to pamper with - think body scrubs, face masks, bubble bath - she thought of so much! It's amazing!

My family were very kindly babysitting Alfie for us, so Michael could take me out for a meal. I'd chosen to go to Bella Italia, and I'm so glad I did as the food is just amazing. I got far too dressed up for a Wednesday night but I figured if I can't make an effort on my 30th birthday, then when can I?

Here I am drinking another pot of tea. I must be the only 30 year old who orders a pot of tea after a meal ;)

Overall, I had the best day that I could have hoped for. Michael, my family and friends had really spoiled me. I am feeling very lucky indeed. I also want to mention that on the last day I finished work before my birthday, Michael had the most beautiful bouquet delivered to work and my team really spoiled me with a another bouquet, a yankee candle and a boots voucher as well as decorating my desk and the office. A few of us also went out for a meal and they even organised a cake at the restaurant! I was so overwhelmed by it all!!


Thirties - I am ready for you!


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