Monday, 19 October 2015

Meal Planning Monday #18 {19 October}

Does anyone else feel like these weeks are whizzing by? It only seems like yesterday that I did my meal plan for last week and here I am again doing it again! 

Overall, last week I had a good start to the week but it did go downhill towards the end of the week. I stuck to the meal plan except for Thursday evening. Alfie had an accident at nursery and ended up with a very fat lip. He'd opened a toy kitchen door into his face and split his lip, so he had a very swollen face, bless him. So as a treat, we let him have a McDonald's with a strawberry milkshake for his tea. As Michael was going for Alfie, he got himself something and I ended up with some chips myself, meaning I didn't need to cook tea that evening. 

Friday's I'm off work and whilst I had every intention of staying 'on plan' it didn't go to plan at all. I started off with crumpets for breakfast. For lunch I had some home made speedy broccoli and leek soup with 2 warburtons thins then for our tea we had the standard  Friday night tea of nacho's. However, we had 2 chicken breasts left in the fridge, so ended up having enchilda's after nacho's too. It was a lovely naughty treat and I've decided to not beat myself up about it because Michael and I don't have a lot of time together, so I'm going to enjoy it. I ended up not making a curry on Saturday because we were out and about all day and only got back quite late. Michael had bought a curry from Tesco, so I ended up with my fail safe 'treat' tea of a smash pizza.

This week I am determined to stick to plan all week, so we are having:

Monday; Steak and slimming world chips with veg
Tuesday: SW lasagne with a side of veg / salad
Wednesday: Chicken, wrapped in bacon with mash and veg
Thursday: SW spaghetti bolognaise
Friday: Probably Nacho's.
Saturday: Curry (mine will be sw home made, but Michael may have a supermarket one)

For lunches, I'm planning to have home made soup on Monday and Thursday when I'm at work and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday,when I'm home for lunches, it will either be soup or bacon and eggs with spinach. I had this last week and it was so good. I would never have thought to put spinach with bacon and eggs before but it actually really works! 

My aim for this week is to drink more water. I am absolutely TERRIBLE at drinking anything other than tea and diet coke (bar the odd sugar free caramel skinny latte from Costa at weekend). So this week, I really want to drink more water! 

Here's to another good week. 

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