Monday, 27 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday #16 {27 July}

Last week was my first 'proper' week back on slimming world. I have got to a point where I am utterly fed up with my weight and being this size, so I decided to take action. 

I found last week hard. I think it is going to take time to settle back into it properly. For the first time, in a very long time, I felt 'in the zone'. I was aware of what I was eating at at my usual 3pm slum rather that reaching for the endless amounts of free crisp, chocolate and fizzy drinks that my work supply to us, I was opting for fruit instead and water. Which was HARD!

Overall, I had a good week. I stuck more or less exactly to the plan which I was pleased with. 

This is what my week looked like...

I lost 3 pounds, which I'm amazed with! 

This weekend, we decided to get the majority of our meat and fruit and veg from the market. I can't believe how much we got for how little we paid! Amazing. We will definitely being getting our fruit, veg and meat from the market from now on. 

We said that we would bulk buy lots to save doing a big shop in the supermarket, but when we got it home and unpacked it, there's not actually as much as I initially thought, so I will still have to go shopping again at weekend. Whoops. 

This is what I've planned for this week:

Breakfast - weetabix and banana
Lunch - ham, chicken and spinach salad with a jacket potato
Tea - pasta with pasata, bacon medallions chopped up and a generous handful of spinach

Breakfast - 35g of crunch bran and banana
Lunch: one slice of bread with poached egg and beans 
Tea: I'm at a family gathering for my friends 21st, so Michael will be sorting his own tea

Breakfast - 2 x special K chewy delight, banana and possibly and apple
Lunch - smash base pizza
Tea - Slimming world lasagne with slimming world  chips / wedges and salad

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix and banana
Lunch - ham and egg salad with mug shot
Tea - chicken breast in nando's rub with rice and salad 

Brunch - scrambled egg, bacon medallions and beans
Tea - slimming world chicken tikka masala curry 

Hopefully, I'll have another good week and manage to stay on plan once again. I've also been making a big effort to drink more water. Fingers crossed I keep it up :)

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