Monday, 20 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday #15 {20 July}

So, I'm back with another meal planning Monday. It's been quite a while since I've blogged or done a meal plan as we've had various things going on, so I've not had the chance to sit down and do our meal plans properly.

This week, I have more than made up for it and have even planned my breakfast and my lunches. I've decided to give Slimming World a go again. I've said this so many time before and whilst I may follow the principals of it, I had got out of the habit of counting syns and just guessing, which is never good! 

I've followed Emma's blog for about a year. Emma blogs over at  Life according to Mrs Shilts and I have loved following her on her slimming world journey. She's reaching ever closer to that 5 stones award and is doing fantastic having currently lost 4 stone 11.5 lbs in just short of a year. I'm also a relatively new follower of Becky at dots and spots. Becky has recently just smashed her target by losing over 4 and a half stones in 40 weeks with slimming world and has lost over 6 stones in total. I think both ladies are incredibly inspiring and prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It also shows just how well the slimming world plan works...

With that in mind, here is my meal plan for this week:

Breakfast - weetabix and banana
Lunch: Chicken and bacon cous cous salad
Tea: Salmon fillets, new potatoes and carrots

Breakfast: apple, banana, 2 alpen light cereal bars
Lunch: bacon, egg, beans and chopped tomatoes or smash based pizza with ham and salad
Tea: Cottage pie with sweet potato mash and veg

Breakfast: Apple, banana, 2 alpen lights
Lunch: jacket potato, ham, cottage cheese and salad
Tea: Bacon cheese burgers (from the slimming world fakeaway book) with wedges and side salad

Breakfast: Weetabix and banana
Lunch: Tuna pasta salad
Tea: Chicken, slimming world chips and veg / salad

Brunch: bacon, egg, beans and one slice of toast
Tea: Chiken fajitas with lots of added salad for me

I never plan for the weekend as we do our food shop on Saturday and usually have some kind of treat tea on a Saturday night (which will be no more) and I work all day Sunday, so it will probably be weetabix and banana for breakfast, salad for lunch and whatever Michael makes for tea!

So there you have it. It might not look like the best menu but I think it'll take me a week or two to get my head back in the game. I'm looking forward to weighing myself next week to see if there is any change. I have also upped my water intake. I really struggle to drink fluids. My biggest weakness' are tea and diet coke but I'm making a big effort to drink more water.

What are you eating this week? 

I'm liking up with At home with Mrs M - come and follow the hashtag #mealplanningmonday over on twitter, for more fab food inspiration.

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