Friday, 2 May 2014

Me and Mine {April}

I can't believe I am so late posting this, especially as this month, I was super organised and got my Me and Mine photo during the first weekend of the month as we were away for the night. 

We went to a place called Shap in the lakes and the place we stayed was in the middle of nowhere but had this beautiful nature trail. On the first afternoon, my camera batteries ran out, meaning I couldn't use the self timer, so I decided we would get our photo on the Saturday. But of course, the good old British weather let me down and it was pouring down. As we were leaving, I was so disappointed because the location would have just been perfect. Just as we were about to leave, there was a break in the rain, so we all jumped back out of the car and I balanced my camera on a grass ledge and here is the result.

I'm not overly happy with it as it was such a  rushed job to get it before the rain started again but it's got happy memories attached as it was Alfie's first night away in a hotel and he had a brilliant time exploring. 

We also got some good old selfies, which I love.

Over Easter, I regretfully didn't take many pictures despite being with both sides of the family. I don't think they understand my love of capturing the ordinary moments and so I tend to shy away from taking too many pics, or asking that someone takes a picture of the three of us. So when we returned home from my Mum and Dad's on Easter Sunday, we were all playing upstairs before Alfie's bath time. Usually, this is Daddy and Alfie time, but I decided to join them and we ended up getting some really great pictures... Ok, I know the quality is terrible and it's grainy as it's a good old iphone shot with the camera forward facing and the lighting is awful, but I love Alfie's expression! 

I think it's my favourite family selfie I've taken :) It did take a few attempts. Here is one of the out-takes: 

It makes me smile every time I look at this photo, because it just sums Alfie up completely - he's so cheeky and has got his own personality and he just loves to pull his tongue out whenever he sees his reflection. 

So that was us in April.... I'm already planning May's photo as Michael is running the Manchester 10k on my birthday which will be a great photo opportunity and at the end of the month we are off to London over night to stay with my cousin. I'm already looking forward to taking photo's of us all in the Capital!

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