Sunday, 24 April 2016


It was just an ordinary Thursday. It was the 25 February. I'd worked all day, picked Alfie up from nursery, come home made tea, the usual, nothing special at all. Once Alfie had gone to bed, I decided to go and have a bath as I felt really drained.

All week I'd had really sore boobs, which is not like me at all. On a whim, I decided to do a pregnancy test (we have been trying). I hadn't even told Michael that I was going to do it and I only did it so I could rule out why my boobs were sore - I thought I'd just been wearing my bra's too tight!

I only had some really cheap tests that Michael got me off eBay ages ago. So, I did a wee and I waited and waited... Until I saw it.


What??!! I grabbed the packet to make sure I was reading the result right. I did a second test just to make sure... then I did a third. I still didn't believe it.

All had the same positive result. Tears pricked the back of my eyes. I couldn't be, could I? I tentatively went down to Michael. I was very wary of getting his hopes up, but I needed him to go to the shop to get me another one as I really didn't believe these eBay ones were accurate.

As soon as I told him I'd done three tests, all of which were positive, he jumped up and threw his arms around me. I had to tell him to calm down as I wasn't certain yet. He grabbed his keys and wallet and dashed out to Sainsburys' and was back within 15  minutes! I went upstairs to do another test and that one also said positive. I went downstairs, holding the test in my hand, tears streaming down my face. Michael turned round and saw me and the biggest grin spread across his face. We were both totally and utterly in shock. I couldn't stop crying. I was just so totally and utterly shocked. I quickly worked out that the first proper attempt at trying this year had worked and I'd got pregnant that first time. Still in complete and utter shock, I decided I wanted to do the clear blue test to see how far along I was. Back upstairs I went. What is it about the digital ones which take an absolute age? I sat there for what felt like forever until I saw the words 'Pregnant' followed by 1-2 weeks. Sitting there on the bathroom floor, I was in complete and disbelief. I turned and saw Michael coming up the stairs and he asked if I now believed it. What is it about seeing the word 'pregnant' which make it more believable than two lines on a stick?

The rest of the evening was just lovely. Filled with lots of happy tears and smiles, both of us completely shell shocked!

With Alfie we told everyone straight away, so this time, we decided we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while and enjoy it. Enjoy having a secret that only we knew about, something that was just for us, husband and wife. It was the most amazing secret to be keeping!

Our family is growing! Our beautiful baby boy is going to be a big brother!

The cheap ebay tests which I didn't believe

So I did two more...Just to be sure

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