Tuesday, 15 September 2015


And just like that you are three!

You have turned into a beautiful, headstrong, independent, intelligent little boy. You drive Daddy and I nuts on a daily basis as you must ask us 100's of questions every single day, which can be exhausting. You do things over and over which we ask you not to do, you have temper tantrums like you wouldn't believe. However, I don't think I would change any of it. I love how you are so inquisitive and how you want to know everything and learn everything. This age is really, really great. You have been talking since you were about 18 months old, but your speech has just exploded over the last year especially and it really is fantastic having proper conversations with you! 

You seem to be growing and changing daily and I sometimes forget how little you are and how young you are because there are times when you seem wise beyond your years. Your Nan especially thinks you are really clever and thinks you should be going to prep school. Which is lovely to hear. 

Daddy and I have found this last year the most challenging I would say. As you get older you become more sure of yourself and you have really learnt how to push our buttons. I said this to you in the car yesterday and you rather innocently said 'what buttons Mummy, what button's do I press' I could do nothing but laugh! Whilst we both love you to the ends of the Earth, I don't think I'd realised how hard this parenting lark can be. It is so hard telling you no and having to discipline you if you are naughty. We have gone through quite a few tough stages over the past 6 months especially where you have become quite naughty and lashing out. Thankfully, you do seem to have stopped the naughty behaviour, for now at least. On the flip side, you have become really loving. The other day, out of nowhere, you said, I love you Mummy, very, very much. It made my heart melt. I have you to myself on a Friday and very often, after breakfast, you will say 'can I sit on your knee and have a cuddle Mummy'. It's without a doubt my favourite time of the day! 

Daddy is still your absolute best friend in the world and if he is there, I don't get a look in. On the afternoon's that I am home with you, as soon as you see Daddy walk through the gate, you will run to him and throw your arms around his leg and say 'it's nice to have you back Daddy'.  I know how much Daddy loves this and I love  to watch your relationship with him, but sometimes, I do wish I wasn't on the sidelines all the time and I wish you wanted me as much as you do him sometimes. I know Daddy wouldn't change it, but he does get exhausted constantly being in demand. 

We have been doing some work on letters and numbers with you and you can recognise your name and almost spell it (you miss the L out) and you can regonise the letter W and you are starting to associate letters with words, like A for Alfie and J for jungle. In nursery a few weeks ago, you were sat doing circle time and pointed out some words on the wall - who, what, when, where, why, how and told your key worker, Gina, that they all begin with W, but it has a W in it. She was so proud and couldn't wait to tell us :) 

Your favourite thing to watch is currently Blaze and the monster machines, which is about monster trucks. You still like paw patrol and wallkazam, but Blaze is your current favourite. I really wanted to get you some blaze toys for your birthday but we could't find any as it's an American TV show, which isn't very popular over here, so we got you a paw patrol cake instead (which you loved)! 

For your birthday, we had a family  party at our house on the Saturday before your birthday. The weather was so lovely and the sun shone. It wasn't really warm, but it was nice enough to have the doors open and for you and the kids to play out. We had such a lovely day and it was great to have all the family together again. (I'm going to do a separate post about your birthday, so won't go into too much here). 

At your party, your dummy got lost, and as you are fussy, you wouldn't have any others that we had. This meant that we were given no option but to go cold turkey with your dummy at bedtime. You asked for it quite a while and it took you a long time to settle, but you did eventually go to sleep without it. We are now over week without it and on Friday and Saturday you didn't nap, Sunday you did, but then yesterday, despite being up at 6.30 and at nursery in the afternoon, you didn't have a sleep and it was 9pm before you crashed. I do not know where you get your energy. I am hoping it's not the end of nap time just yet, because I do think you still need it as you get really ratty around tea time when you've not had that sleep. Especially as we've had a tough week sleep wise as on Thursday night, you didn't fall asleep until 11.15pm. You constantly shouted down asking was it time to get up yet. Since having no dummy, it's been much harder to settle you at night and for your naps (when you have them) as you just will not stop talking ;) I'm hoping that if you do drop your naps, that you will start going to bed a little earlier and sleeping better as you currently go to bed about 8.30 but shout down until gone 9 some nights. Mummy and Daddy would like a bit more of their evening please :) 

You are the best thing in my life, the best thing I've ever done and my greatest achievement. I will be forever thankful that I get to be your Mummy and be there for you to watch you grow as  are just the most incredible little boy and my life is so much better for you being here. 

You make me so proud each and every day and I sometimes sit there watching you in complete awe that you are mine. I've had a very tough year this year, but having you has really got me through it. You bring so much laughter to our lives and you are our best little friend. 

I love you to the ends of the Earth my beautiful big boy.



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