Friday, 7 March 2014

18 Months Old

To My Beautiful Alfie,

It’s been a difficult month this month for us. Two weeks ago your granddad got poorly and had a heart attack and has been in hospital for 2 weeks and had a very big operation. This has meant that me and your Daddy have been juggling looking after you and working and going visiting him in hospital. I often wonder if you know that things aren’t quite right and you should be with your Nan and Grandad during the mornings and with us at weekends.

Daddy has taken some morning’s off to look after you while I’ve been at work, and I’ve had a couple of morning’s off to look after you and Daddy’s been going to the hospital in the evening’s which has meant I’ve been doing your bath and bed routine, which I don’t do very often as that is Daddy’s time with you.

You’ve come along leaps and bounds this month, especially with your speech. On the day that your Grandad became ill, you had been at Nana and Papa’s all day so me and your Daddy could see your Grandad in hospital and look after your Nan. When we got you home that night and we were getting you ready for the bath, you sat on the floor in our room with your bedtime book and read it to us. You sat there and pointed to all the pictures in it and said the words: clock, teddy, cot, star, moon, doggy, book… Me and your Daddy were amazed. It’s the 1st time you’d ever sat there and pointed to the pictures saying the words and a lot of the words you said for the 1st time. It didn’t stop there, in the bath, you said Jack, digger and no for the 1sttime too. It made a really rubbish day, turn out to be wonderful. The day before you’d also started saying ‘milk’ . Since then, you’ve been really trying to say words more and you will now tell us when you want your milk (you will even get hold of our hand and take us to the fridge and say ‘milk’ which I love).

I feel like you have grown and learnt so much this last month. You have this very cute way of coming over and getting our hands and taking us into the kitchen to get something for you, or taking us over to your toy cupboard etc. We have had to confiscate your toy box and a couple of other toys as you keep climbing on them and we are worried about you falling off on to the tiled floor or banging your head, so they’ve had to go for now.

Eating hasn’t been great this month. With you teething, you’ve been really off your food, which is a shame because you are normally such a good eater. That said, you have wanted to drink much more milk than normal and have been asking for that over water. Although, you do know where our treat drawer is and a couple of times I have caught you sneaking things from it. The latest thing was matchmakers which you pinched whilst your milk was warming the other morning! Cheeky!

Unfortunately, we’ve not really been able to get out with you and do much with you recently as the couple of weekends before your Grandad getting poorly we were busy with wedding things and then since then, we’ve been here there and everywhere and have had a lot to juggle. It’s been hard to take you out during the days because I’m very strict with your afternoon nap, so the best time for you to go out is the morning’s but because me and Daddy have been taking it in turns to look after you, one of us had had the car meaning we’ve not been able to take you to soft play or anywhere. We’ve taken you to the park or little walks when there has been a break in the rain though.

Overall this month, you have been so good for us and have taken the change of routine totally in your stride and I am so proud of your for that. Every day you become more little boy than baby.

For this next month, I really want to try to do more with you. I feel like I fail you in this area because I don’t often have the car in the afternoon’s when I’m looking after you and you tend to nap between 1.30-3.30 but I really want to do some activities with you such as painting or some sort of baking or even just taking you for a walk or to the park more if we get a break in the weather or playing with you more at home instead of making tea or tidying up. I hope I can fulfil this promise to you and I will try my very best.

I love you more than anything my beautiful Alfie George.

All my love,
Mummy xxxxxx

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